• Precise: using our technology, your shoppers will buy the right shoe size the first time
  • Intuitive: in a few clicks shoppers get the recommendation based on a shoe model they already wear well
  • More sales: proven to increase shop orders by 4%+ and lower returns by up to 20%
More sales.
Less returns.
An effective technology to add to your online shop’s product pages for a more intuitive online experience.

Give your shoppers the confidence to buy more shoes and return or exchange fewer pairs. 

Self-learning technology
  •  We provide the most accurate recommendations, by comparing your brand's shoes to the size and wearing habits for millions of other models. 
  • The self-learning AI technology learns about your shoes every time your customers use it and your product data is correlated with our existing 1 million models.
  • The database covers all types of shoes, 15+ international size scales and understands the sizing of your unique models in relation to other brands’ models.
The technology understands the wearing habits of real customers around the world, to provide the most accurate sizing advice on the market.

We cover 1 million unique shoe models.

Intuitive and effective
  • Elegant and simple design of the webshop app, to adapt to your brand guidelines
  • 30-day onboarding support with a 4-step, easy to follow process
  • Private-access online dashboard to monitor shoppers' behaviour and extra revenue earned
Easy integration.
Powerful results.
Follow the simple 4-step process to get our intelligent Size Advisor® live on your website.

* If you run on Shopify, install our app with one click, in less than 15 minutes.

Lean back and monitor how your shoppers buy more, return less and become more confident in finalizing your purchase cart.

Pick the right package for your business

The Premium Licence is for brands with an international presence that want a customized solution to help grow their e-commerce bottom line.
Brands like LK Bennett chose this package.

The Standard Licence includes all core functionalities to immediately deliver an increased net revenue and reduced product returns.
Brands like Kickers chose this package.

The Young Brand Licence is ideal for start-ups and young brands, looking to grow quickly and stop spending initial revenue on product returns.
Brands like TAFT chose this package.

per month

No setup fee, up to 3 brands incl.
  • 60-day free trial
  • Standard Brand Licence 
  • +
  • Unlimited countries / URLs
  • Up to 3 brands supported
  • Customized interface to match your corporate identity
  • Add-to-cart and size preselect feature
  • Size Free Shopping Feature
  • Assisted integration 
  • Standard service level agreement
  • Dedicated account management
  • Dedicated chat, mail & phone support
  • A/B Testing Setup Support
  • White labeling available
per month

No setup fee, price per brand
  • 60-day free trial
  • 1 brand with up to 3 countries / URLs 
  • All languages supported
  • 30-day online onboarding with email and chat support
  • Online Dashboard to track your revenue uplift
  • Elegant and responsive design
  • Custom button and colors 
per month

No setup fee, price per brand
  • 60-day free trial
  • Standard Brand Licence
  • Perfect for startups and young brands
  • First 12 months only 599 EUR instead of 799 EUR 
If you run on Shopify, install our app with one click, in less than 15 minutes.
Still thinking about it?

Check out these Success Stories:

✔ Find out how the German brand LLOYD earned an extra €70.000 in net revenue.

✔ See how Görtz, the biggest German footwear retailer, reduced their return rates by -5,4%.

✔ Discover how specialty footwear brand kybun AG multiplied their conversions by 8.6 times.

“Ever since we went live with the Size Advisor® on our website, we’ve seen an increase in conversion rates,
meaning our customers have now more confidence to finalize their purchase. The technology brought significant additional value to us at LLOYD, especially if we look at the €70.000 extra revenue we obtained in just 6 months."

Philip Stratmann, Head of eShop & eReporting, LLOYD Germany